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Engr. Benedicto A. Capellan
Founder & President

President's Message

On behalf of everyone at the CAPELLAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Inc. - CIT, I welcome you to the CIT Website, your online gateway to our TVI Institution!

Many schools are currently faced with the difficult and monstrous difficulties during this time. In order to survive, we need to steer in a different direction that would lead us to improve our facilities and technologies to lead us to academic outcomes for our institution and stakeholders, most especially our students who struggle to continue learning.

Whether you are new to CIT, already acquainted with or belong to the Institution, and no matter where you are in the Philippines or in the world, the CIT website holds a wealth of information and features to help you get to know our Institution better.
The CIT Website covers all the locations of CIT: our Main Branch in the City of Pasig, National Capital Region and our branches in the City of Antipolo and City of San Pablo.

Given its 24/7 presence, the CIT website is an emblem of the Institution's conviction that learning is a continuous and lifelong process.

It is our hope that by exploring the CIT Website, you would be inspired to join us to know and learn more in CIT.

Mrs. Candelaria C. Capellan
Founder & Vice President

Vice President's Message

The Capellan Institute of Technology website is just one of the myriad proofs that "At CIT, we are transforming minds and changing lives."

Besides being a provider of quality education for all for nearly three decades now, CIT is, in fact, dedicated to be one of the pliable institutions in the country today.

Apart from representing our flexible learning conditions, the CIT website also mirrors the exploratory nature of the Institution’s own reason for being: education.

With just a few clicks of your mouse and in your android mobile phone, you can find information on the respective CIT locations, our course offerings, facilities and more of each of the CIT branches.

Interested student-applicants will find that the CIT Website allows for online applications and registration. Online enrolment of CIT students can be done through the CIT Website as well. There is also a Student Portal, a Parents Portal and an Employee Portal within the CIT Website, to allow for fast, constant, anytime communication among the important stakeholders of the Institution.

On that note, I welcome everyone to the Capellan Institute of Technology Inc. website, with the call to keep learning and keep exploring!


Founded in 1991, it has the main objective of providing quality technical education of the youths. 
Its first location is in Kapitolyo, Pasig City and became one of the first technical schools in the City of Pasig. 

Initially registered with the Department of Education (DepEd), it then transferred its registration to the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) sometime in 1995. 

Since 1991, CIT, as we are now known, had a long history of excellence and tradition.

For almost 30 years, we have been known to produce graduates who are competent in the fields of automotive, electrical, hotel and restaurant services and computer/IT for the people in Pasig City, San Pablo City, Laguna and Antipolo City, Rizal. 

For more than 25 years, we have been transforming minds and changing lives of thousands of graduates.

CIT San Pablo City was established and started in 2006.

CIT Antipolo City was established and started in 2017.

Our Core Values


We are an educational institution that aims to provide the Filipino youth with competitive skills in the technological workplace.

We are committed to the preparation of our youth to the existing and future challenges brought by the advancement of global science and technology by providing them with the adequate technical instruction and training.

We recognize that our youth are the principal prime movers of the country. As such, we focus on their complete personal development and inculcate the values of professionalism in their related fields.
We appreciate the parents' role in the upbringing of their children to be responsible and useful citizen of this nation. We continuously work with them hand-in-hand in achieving this goal by providing their children with affordable world-class education.

We answer to the government's call in providing its citizenry with technical knowledge as the nation plunges into global competition. As such, we shall provide the nation and the international community with their required skilled manpower.


CAPELLAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY shall be the leading technical-vocational education and training provider of progams in the information and communications technology, electronics, electrical, automotive and tourism, in the Cities of Pasig, San Pablo and Antipolo, and in other surrounding provinces in the Philippines by Year 2025.​


Our school community strongly supports school events by participating, volunteering and donating. We inculcate in each student the values of camaraderie and filial relationships in the school creating a support system outside of the house.

The trainers act as their advisers and motivators to bring out the best in each one. From then on, our students have developed a deeply rooted relationship among each other and a strong personality ready to face the challenges of the industry they chose to be in.​